Can You Smile With Your Eyes?

I absolutely love folk who can smile with their eyes they seem to instantly brighten up a room!

And, I think folk who can put a smile upon another person's face have a wonderful talent!

You know what I just feel a 100% happier writing this, and, smiling to myself! [PUN INTENDED!]

It's very true what they say: "smile and the whole internet smiles with you, not a lot of folks want to hear you crying alone!"

Keep on showing those wonderful white teeth enhanced by a huge beaming smile, and, those bright sparkling smiley eyes!
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Thanks. I think I will. A lot of people tell me they can see the love and joy I feel in my eyes. I can't keep it hidden.

That's called smeyes (smile w/eyes lol :-) I'm so smart I just can't stand it~heck may even be spelled smize? You get the drift I'm sure.....

It's true. Even the unseen smile can lift your spirits. When you're smiling making that phone call, the smile transmits in your voice and helps you make that sale!

the best man in my life fell in love with my right after i smile with my eyes))))


Hey joseph no matter what I am going through I never let it rob me of my joy. If I feel down I just listen to mercy me on my playlist or listen to a message online my friends say I always seem to have a smile on my face.

Absolutely! :-)

Great post. Eyes truly are the "mirrors to the soul!"

I,m smiling , using my eyes , my soul, my every aspect of life. I think it,s so easy to smile, through eyes?Hmmm that would be so glamorous

Excellent Colonattus :)

Yes!!..I'm smiling through my eyes..:)))))))) Nice post..
Hope you like my post..:)))

It's a nice feeling when you get thanks for sharing this.

Glad you enjoyed it, and, it's my pleasure to share it with you! :0)

It's true about the eyes. They do tell alot. A mirror into the soul, and the first thing I notice in people. While smiles may be forced, the eyes never lie. Cheers.

Nice one Dave! ~ thanks for joining the smiling trend! :0)

Yes, it is a wonderful talent when someone can put a smile on someone's face; a genuine smile can ignite the whole world beautifully in a positive way. While reading and typing this post I was smiling; honestly..Thanks for sharing..:)

I guess it is a wonderful talent sparkle818 ~ so pleased that you were smiling while typing your response ~ that's awesome to hear and it put a smile upon my face, too! :0)

I love positive people. I used to believe that I was a positive person but I grew up and took a long look at myself. I try to be positive but it seems that I am compelled to argue, take opposition, and create friction. It is a work in progress and I haven't given up hope that even if I am telling someone off I can do it politely and with a smile on my face.

Telling someone off with a smile upon your face is absolutely awesome Lol...

I agree and I love positive folk, too. You'll find more often than not that a positive person will always smile back. This promotes positive energy. Now the only snag is to try and get all the negative folk to smile as well! :0)

You Rock :)
Good is Good
* happy dance*

I enjoy music of many genres & *Happy Dances* Lol ~ :0)


Thankz Babeondwy ~ hope it put a smile upon your face? :0)

My teeth are grinding down and ive long lost my gold cap, so isa keep my chops shut now Joseph! But i do agree with you.

Awesome lafsnack as long as you can still smile that's all that counts! :0)

Richard Feynman had smiling eyes. Smiling eyes shows that you have a zest in life and are passionate.

Yes a lot of actors have smiling eyes Johnny Depp for example it's awesome to have a zest for life and to be passionate about things, smiling certainly brings the very best out in Folk.

Your words are true good sir, and if everyone felt this way than our world would be better off. We all have encountered the one cashier at the whatever&wherever store. You know the I speak of, that person who hates their job to no end. If you have to deal with the general public on a regular basis due to retail, restaurant industry, or any and all social interactions with strangers. You can perceive instantly from the frown and body language combination that they don't care how your day is going when asking. Didn't you just said "Hi, how are you...?" I smile bright and am always very polite while speaking. It's unfortunate my chance is only 50/50 if they brighten up and smile back or not, but knowing I impacted that persons day positively motivates me!

Excellent, what you do is plant the seed of a happy smile within their minds ~ I hope they remember you, and, the next time greet you with the same gesture my friend?

it has to do with this instant recognition of humor, or pleasure, but there is a twinkle of merriment, and so absolutely, the eyes matter .
.flashing teeth only, without intent to really just that....flashing teeth..That is why models are good at what they do..they are aware that they need to project more than an empty smile..that is why they move when a camera snaps, it is to help them look and feel full of enrgy, joy..and it adds life and depth to the finished photo.

You are soooo correct the perfect smile always makes an excellent finished photo but you don't have to be a model to produce one, it's something everyone can do with a little practice, and, as you correctly point out the eyes matter, too! ;0)

The person who can truly smile with their eyes can portray a lot in a smile. Anything from joy and happiness to secrets and private messages....

Yes, I agree, and, 99% of folk will give you a huge beaming smile right back, and, if you smile with your eyes, too, then you get twice the smile of joy, and, happiness back unlocking all kinds of secrets, and, private messages Lol ;0)

So true, :)

...absolutely :0)

:-D ...

Lol! :0)