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I Think Everyone's Pretty When They Smile :)

smiling is so attractive! i believe that everyone looks attractive when they smile.they just look so good and it makes me feel a bit happy when i see someone smile. i try to smile often but i don't know if i look good when i smile. my friends tell me that my eyes sort of smile too..they sparkle! i don't know! but whatever, i think we should smile often because it will automatically make u look attractive and u will feel pretty inside..... this was specially for girls! :) girls are the sweetest on earth according to me and they are all very beautiful so just keep smiling
sidslot16 sidslot16 13-15, F 2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

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" my eyes sort of smile too..they sparkle! " really?i love such eyes!i used to have but now they got dull dnt knw why and how!and yeah really very sight of smile is enjoyable!especially when some serious person smiles then the beauty of smile is better felt!

yeah you're right!

yeah you will say such things but i m nt very lively to say cool things tht can make you very joyful:(

oh no! u r very right when u said ''especially when some person serious smiles then the beauty is better felt'' :) lol


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Very sweet, of course