Never Taught To Smile :)

Somehow, we're supposed to know lots of things about life, as if the genetic code book just rolls it out. One case in point is about "smiling".

Sure, I'd see people smile at me, as if it was just a courteous thing to do, but it wasnt until I was living in Los Angeles (originally from Australia), and listened to an NPR radio program about the benefits of smiling, that I began to practice the art of it.

Smiling works both ways - it gives you a chemical lift in your spirits AND makes other people feel better too. changes the mood of a situation and the environment.

Anyway, back to that radio program. Don't laugh, but the program finished as I was driving to my favorite Long Beach tapas bar, and there was a new singer serenading the guests that night, so I sat there and practised smiling - and it worked! The singer came by and sat for a chat.

So I now make smiling an everyday activity - but I still have to consciously make that happen.

Here endeth my first EP story! :))
Mhilo Mhilo
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Good advice for virtually any situation.

I love to smile. I smile a lot. It makes me feel better and smiles are definitely contagious.