Smoking Should Be Illegal In General..


 Seriously. I cannot stand when other people smoke around me, especially when they don't even care that they are doing it! Just because you choose to inhale such toxins, doesn't mean I would like to! If I wanted to, I would smoke myself. But, obviously, I do not. ><


 I really hate it when they smoke in cars, too.

BrownEyedGirlSamanthaRae BrownEyedGirlSamanthaRae
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5 Responses Apr 25, 2010

Outlaw cars first, they produce more toxins. Leave cigarettes be until I smoke myself to an early grave please.

And I usually don't mind, so long as we're somewhere I can move away from the smoke.

See. I don't care if other people smoke. It's just rude to me if they don't ask to smoke around me.

oops forgot tos ay thanks for the added inspiration to help me quit! I don't want you feeling like that!

I wish it was that easy to quit smoking. unlike most other smokers I normal smoke in my own time when I"m alone or among other smokers. it helps me try to quit. <br />
I smoke in my car. I dno't like to smoke in the car if anyone else is in it. 2 smokes going at once is unbareable. even with the window down. <br />
It s a nasty habit. If i' am in a place where I can smoke and non smokers are around i normally ask if they mind. if they say no I assume that's what they mean. and lite up.