This Should Be a No-brainer

I have a close friend, recently divorced, who is dealing with this issue regarding her two toddlers. They got back from a visit with their father, who smokes, and their mother took them out of town for a long-planned family event. They were unable to attend because the younger one became ill with a fever over 102 and coughing with congestion. A visit to the doctor revealed that she also had a double ear infection. The doctor believes she had an allergic reaction to the cigarette smoke. Supposedly the father goes outside to smoke (there is other family present), but having been around when he does this, I know he doesn't take the time to at least air out his breath and clothes before being around them, and in fact even if he's outside he's been known to allow them near him while he's doing it. So he still reeks of the smoke and is in close proximity to them. The older child has been having issues with bronchitis and had come back from this visit with a congested cough. It is inexcusable to be so careless about a child's developing lungs, their health and well-being. If it takes a law to prevent this then so be it. As it is, I hope this moron can get it through his thick skull after this most recent episode that it could become a life-or-death issue.

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I agree. I hate it when people smoke around me. It's disgusting. And it's so bad for people around you, too.

Thank you for "getting it." It is routine on children's medical visits for the question to be asked, "Do either of the parents smoke?" He has been present for some of these visits in the past and has had the importance of protecting them explained to him by medical staff, yet still apparently passes it off as not important enough for him to be diiligent in preventing their exposure to it. It just makes me furious.

Well said,and im a smoker