Dad's Point Of View On Pot And Teens.

No we shouldn't legalize pot for a number of reasons. It is a controlled substance and is also a drug soon to be assigned a DIN. POT is potentially dangerous to some that use it. Yes it should be made available to those who can benefit from it for pain relief for cancer patients but not for recreational use. Adults can do what they want but teens and children need to stay away from it. See for a dads point of view.
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2010

I disagree. It's no different from alcohol, which is legal, and it should be legal. I have a real problem with the government telling my what I can and can't put into MY body, anyway. People's lives are being ruined and the jails are being overcrowded because of a substance that is no different from a alcohol. It's ridiculous. You know why it's not legal? Because the drug companies would rather you pay high prices for their drugs than to be able to buy pot, which does the same thing and is cheaper. Get rid of our ludicrous outmoded marijuana laws.

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