What Goes Unsaid Should Stay Unsaid

I believe the things I don't say are for the best. Somethings should never leave my head. There are things in my head that would shock and frighten those I am thinking about. Keeping these things in my head is the best way I know how to stay out of jail.

Sometimes I do have thoughts that should be said but I know they wouldn't listen anyway. So it's best to restrain myself from wasting my breath and energy. I let them figure it out for themselves. They come across the answer...eventually.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I totally agree on both counts.<br />
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It's interesting to think about the thoughts that people keep to themselves. Everyone has those of course, and yet it's better that they go unsaid much of the time. I always wonder what I'd see if I could tap into the minds of others lol.