I Write Because I Can't Say It

I've never been very good at saying what I mean so instead I used to keep my mouth shut. I never saw a problem with it until all of these things I believed I couldn't say started to eat me inside. Each little thought, each little idea was like a knife in my head so I weren't to speak without so many words.
Things going unsaid is why I write now. I like information and I like exposing people for who they really are but I can't do that as me, so I write it down. Each person I meet, each thing that I think about them, each thing I want to say to them but never will, I put it in my own words for others to read, but they never know that it's me.
I think I would go insane without this little freedom but then it makes me think: Of all the things that go unsaid with me, how much is going unsaid with other people?
I wonder if we'll ever truly know what everyone else is thinking if don't all just say what we think, but that'll never happen so I guess some things are better left unsaid.
Callalaylah Callalaylah
2 Responses Mar 28, 2011

Wow, I definitely like how you're worded this. And that is definitely something I am trying to work on it's just tha majority of the time if I say it the way I feel it or the way that it shapes itself in my mind I'll be misunderstood because I speak in a different manner to most people since I grew up in a different country and society.<br />
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I will definitely keep writing, at least until the world gets sick of me. I'm actually hoping to get a book published a the end of this year, it might be a long shot but if I stick to it then nobody can stop me. :)<br />
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Also, thankyou for commenting so thoroughly, it is quite refreshing.

I am also a writer and writing gives me a sense of staisfaction too. We are similar in that we can express ourselves better with the written word. For me, speaking plainly always has negative consequences. I find that my ideas are often not in line with society or the vast majority believes and was 90% of the time is taken offensively. I too, would become mute as a result. Now, I make every effort to express my thoughts in a different manner because I cannot forgive myself when I say nothing at all...it eats me up inside! So I've been practicing and it is exhausting having to analyze every word that comes out of your mouth so that you can express yourself and avoid hurting peoples feelings or suffering a stoning by a mob! I don't think it's "right" to deny yourself ex<x>pression of thought to appease others and the answer may be in how you deliver the message. <br />
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Keep writing! Its therapeutic for me too...nobody judges me on my pieces of paper and I dont have to over think my point. I will write for as long as I live. But I also encourage you to practice getting you thoughts across verbally (it isn't easy) but if that's something you can master about yourself you can rise to another level. Imagine smacking the world in the face while making it feel as if its been kissed lol that's powerful!