Why Will You Not Just Tell Me How You Feel...

I want to tell you!
I want you to let me know you see the little things
Tell me when I have offended you
Hurt you
Amused you
I want you to tell me you find me particularly appealing in red, blue, pink, nothing
I want you to tell me you want me
What do you have to lose
Nothing for you will gain a woman who would be ready to do for you
Learn from you
And make sure you are satisfied, as long as the same is shown for her
Tell me how things made you uncomfortable
Controlled and controlling
Tell me when you need space
When it is over
When it is me
Do not let my over analyzing mind go and go and go with wonder
Or thinking should I or do I or would I
Tell me your fantasy so we can live them
Tell me your regrets so we can woe together
Tell me when you cry
Tell me if and when you love me
Say it everyday
And I will too
So that we never leave saying
There was so much left unsaid.
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May 18, 2012