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Though I do have enough faith in humanity, to be positive there are a lot of people out there who are willing to help another along the way.

It really is the only solution..... not governments, police or welfare !

We need to remember that we are all on this journey through life and we all have the power within us to help another fellow traveler.

One doesn't have to be rich, or spend money.....service is about sharing our time / talent/ and energy.

True compassion expects nothing in return and enjoys the distraction from our own problems.

Someone once told me...."when you are worried about money / grievances / petty things.....go visit the children's ward of your local hospital and get some perspective"

I try every day to uplift another on there journey.   Often, due to my own lack of good health and chronic pain, I'm unable to leave my home, so I get on the telephone and let a friend know I am thinking about them, or I go online and comment on someone's story, sometimes this alone is uplifting to the lonely who don't think anyone cares.
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You're on the team BerryChic !

love the attitude here...for more inspiration go read my story and watch the video on Nick<br />
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EP Link<br />
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He'll get your engines fired...fer sure<br />
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Keep it positive - while I don't believe in criticizing society negatively I do believe the positivity is always appropriate...even in the toughest times - in fact most especially...

I do wish there were far more people in this world who practised true caring about others

You are absolutely right, if everyone thought that way, wonderful things would happen.