An Apple For Teacher

The year 2012 has been more than a roller coaster ride for me. When I look back at it, I could almost see faerieself crawling most of the time on the steel rails trying to get back in the damn friggin roller coaster cab.

  • health issues - though not completely well but I am in the process of healing from the different facets of its trauma that would probably take the rest of my lifetime... but then faerie is immortal, so that would take a while.
  • separation - it happened 2011... but who's to say that it ends after signing the papers?
  • friendships - tested, damaged, parted, loss, proven.
  • mental and emotional outbursts - yoga and therapy helps the ADHD in faerie. No meds!
  • accidents - life-threatening, clumsiness, agility marked with stupidity.
  • and there are those annoying gnats that continue to hover every now and then.
They are all bad moments, unfavourable and troubling... and they hurt. A damn lot. Hurt in all the aspects of getting hurt, of feeling pain, in every damn way. To compare this to yoga, I am a pretzel - all stretched and twisted.

These have caused a lot of distortion in my mind, a lot of tearing in my heart. So I'm probably an oddly-shaped scarred pretzel.

*checks faerie's spirit gauge for uncanny, humorous sarcasm*

I don't regret they happened; they hold some big learning thingy for me... whatever the friggin thingy they are. *pulls faerie hair*
I only happen to think that faerie is a teacher's pet... ... the Universe being the teacher.

*throws apple at teacher's head*

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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Sounds like a Dodgy Year. Look on the Bright side, 2012 will not be coming back. R X

I love how you are a survivor, adapting, pretzel-like wielding apples yet open for interaction, able to whack, but able to laugh at self. Here's to a wonderful New Year! ***runs and gets a bushel of apples for you*** Be well. :-)

Forget it, will give you more surprise.