Guys Are Like This On Facebook And Yahoo Chat As Well

Yes I'm a guy and I fully agree with this statement, this isn't just the case here on EP, it's on Facebook and Yahoo Chat rooms if any of you still use that.

I'm a member of some BBW groups on Facebook and the crap I see from some guys just leaves me bewildered. I've called out one or two because well let's face it they come across as desperate pervs with comments like " Hey baby add me" Or boldly announcing " me want wife for marriage, plz add me" *** Rolls eyes***

In the BBW groups in Yahoo, it's almost the same.. " M24 for cam to cam wanna see my ****? " or things to that effect.

Must be because I'm 44 was raised to respect women I dunno. I mean you wouldn't walk into say a crowded bar walk down the street and approach a strange woman in the street and ask her if she wants to see your penis. You'd get slapped and rightly so.

I will be the first to admit I like women, and seeing them in bikinis or nothing at all is one of the joys of being a warm blooded male.

Acting like a decent human being online and in the real world will tend to get you what you are looking for.
MrPerchy MrPerchy
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1 Response Nov 9, 2012

Coarse is the natural default for children who've been raised up as if they were wild animals, with no thought given to making them into human beings. Theirs is a generation that was raised up by both yours and mine. I don't think that we should be taking any curtain calls just yet.

I'm frankly mystified how anyone thought that spending one's formative years indulging oneself in gonzo ****, death ****, reality TV, and hours of texting, all leavened by the occasional mandatory lecture drilling into them their complete and utter unworthiness -- on account of their gender orientation, race, and sex -- would in any way prepare them for the company of others.