Witch Hunters

There are people on EP, and even in real life who join certain groups of people who are extremely intolerant of certain ideas or people who may oppose a threat to their "certain way(s) of thought".

Now these people are very good at attacking people who oppose their beliefs, and yet they say that those who question their beliefs are harassing them. If you really think about you will see who is truly harassing whom... Because if one person challenges a group of people, and these group of people gang up against a single individual, then surely a few people against a mere one must weigh greater in favour of proving my point.

People of society, is always quick to target an "individual" as the "bully or the pest", like an entire village standing against someone calling him/her a witch, just so that Someone gets the fault, or that someone is being used as a general scapegoat to prove to the world that they are right, that they are not guilty of any sin or wrongdoings.

The world being the "church", priests or witch hunters coming into villages demanding a bounty to be delievered in exchange for the "salvation of their souls through the blessings and grace of the church" when they are Not found guilty, pointing fingers at someone just to escape the world's wrath, anything to "live" or in the modern day to save the face of your social (public) image... Including lying about someone else just so that they may not look bad, just so that they may look good amongst their "clan members" or in the eyes of their gang... So to pity or to show compassion for the witch will make them outcasts as well... Yeah anything for the Ego, when defending the Ego lying is Norm!

They make the witch out to be some "lowly creatures"... But the witch ain't doing the persecution, stalking and harassment.

So ask yourself, who is really the Low scum in these situations, using a scapegoat to pamper the Ego?!!!!

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2 Responses Jan 4, 2012

Well they want someone away they can't live without... The one they target, they feed on, like hungry animals, taking all their frustrations out on that person, feeding off their energy to quench their deep seated emotional hunger... I Find it quite ironic actually... People who want to get rid off people of which energy they can't live without... Well I say we must let them starve, distance ourselves from them and not even fight back, so that they get what they deserve - dying of hunger!!!!!<br />
<br />
The more we fight, the more fuel we add to their fire, they like it... They live on that energy you waste on them!!!!!

What does this have to do with manners?