I Know It To Be True

I know it to be true that some members here are mean and hateful. I've had their meanness & hatefulness directed at me ever since I joined EP. Just yesterday, I received a comment on a story I wrote which was so uncalled for, I deleted it. I have met a few good people, though, & don't get hateful comments as often now as I used to. I think some people come on this site to berate others as a way to make themselves feel better, the same way people do in real life. In fact, it's probably the same people doing it here as in real life.

lyricalongings lyricalongings
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Unfortunately there are people like that here sorry that you have encountered them ...we are not all like that

Thing is, there are generally some very nasty and sarcastic people here and they arn't necessarily trolls. They are just cowards that inflict insults from behind their computers, things that they probably wouldn't say so easily to others in real life and thats all you have to think of them as. The internet gives them plenty of space to vent their anger out at the world and other people. Laugh at them.

Hope you don't mind me commenting on this. I have seen this in another social group site. It's pathetic that some get the only satisfaction in their pitiful lives by being bullies or a$$holes on the Internet. In real life my bet is they are complete losers and have no friends. It's a strange phenomenon for sure....