So....this one is a doozy....
During my first trip to Europe, I was on a tour...nine countries in 25 days. I met an awesome Aussie lady and we were fast friends. We hung out, quite a bit, had a ton of fun and one day we were sitting outside of our hotel in Hopfgarten, Austria...chatting...waiting for dinner. A very nice looking, polite local introduced himself and struck up a conversation. I can still remember some of the conversation but it was over 20 years ago. Here's the gist:

Him: Where are you ladies from?
Me: I'm Canadian.
GF: I'm from Australia
Him: Oh....that's very good. How long have you been travelling?
GF: It's been 10 days now.
Him: Which countries have you seen?
Me: France, Monaco and Italy.
Him: Have you been having a good time?
Me:'s been a lot of fun...
GF: Yeah...I'm just really tired. This is such a nice town.
Him: Yes, it is. So, do you ladies ****?

....and there it was....the worst pick up line ever! My friend and I looked at each other shocked. I told him that that was the worst pick up girlfriend got up and was ready to smack him but he apologized and left quickly....
I mean....really....WTF?
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Tee hee, for real;
yes it's irrefutably rude .
But dang funnnny O_o !

Lmao... I guess he figured it was worth a try. Maybe he liked our accents... lol...

He put his best tongue forward ;D!
Never try,
is a sure 'no';
so he did his part >.< (LOL!)

Lol... yeah... my girlfriend was ready to cut it off...

Rofl :D That is so fun(ny)

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I was never one to try to use pickup lines to get girls but I did hear of one and tried it one night - it went like this:
Walk up to a girl in a crowded bar, lean over and whisper into her hear..."I may not be Fred Flinstone....but I sure could make your Bedrock!"
It did generate a few conversations with the girls that just laughed or liked the Flinstones but seems to me I went home alone that night. how many times did you use that one?

Oh.....7 or 8, not quite sure. I wanted to see what would happen if I said something I thought was crazy...good judgement wasn't always one of my strong points back then. did anyone have good judgement, back then? How many drinks did you have poured over your head? LOL....

lol....I was able to escape entirely unscathed...

You must run pretty

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and the answer is?

Lmao....are you trying the same pick up line?

HahahahahHahA!!!!! That is awesome!!! Doesn't get anymore direct than that!

Ohhhh...they're very direct in my *** was getting pinched all over Italy

Oh sorry. I didn't know that offended you!

LOL....I got use to it....when in Rome....

Wow. A true statement to make!!!
"When in Canada, use syrup"

LOL....only the real stuff, Aunt Jemima crap ;)

agreed lol!

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Oh my gosh, I would have laughed thinking he was trying to be funny!! Crude but funny. It sounds as though he was actually serious though :-o

WTF is right!!

I did laugh....I always laugh when a little nervous. My girlfriend didn't...she was ready to pound him and not the kind he would have enjoyed....lmao....

Now, that's funny!!