He Drives Me Insane!

I really need to just ***** scream and hollar till I feel better right now so bare with me. I married very young 17 to be exact and was divorced with 4 children at age 24! So I married an overgrown child who is so selfish even he doesnt see the distructive path he is on!

So this weekend ( HIS MONTHLY VISIT) Mind you hes known for weeks he was getting his children this morning. He appears to be drunk when I go to drop them off! His gf tells me he stayed out all last night came home at 7am like that. Then he proceeds to tell me its not my problem anymore. Ha! I am damned if I am going to leave my 11,9,7,and 3 year old under his care with him in that shape!

Who parties on a thursday night anyways?! And really is he that inconciderate that he has to be all messed up for his children to see. So now I am the bad guy cause the kids really wanted to stay and hes the one who acted like a child and went and screwed up everyones weekend plans including his childrens!!!

Grrr some men.... I tell ya no wonder so many women these days are switching teams!

Just because he and I divorced doesnt mean he has to continuesly punnish these children, being drunk and neglectful and always breaking one promise after another.... Damn him!!!

hunny28 hunny28
26-30, F
Aug 17, 2007