ok the reason i made this group and am writing this story is because i recently had this ad come up that wont change or go away. it was annoying at first but now ive found humor in it. its an ad for a psychic website. i wont name the site because ill be damned if i give them any type of free advertising. i dont believe in that bullshit. im a total skeptic. (did i spell that right) well anyway i dont believe they possess any powers of forseeing the future and theyve found a way to influence and manipulate others( like the gullible who will believe anything you tell them) and use that ability for personal gain. it shows them with a live video feed which is muted. i can see them shuffling tarot cards and talking about whatever. i like to imagine what they are saying and add my own words. you can try this yourself. it can be quite entertaining if youre bored enough. thats all for my ranting. i wonder how much that site is paying EP to run its ad. considering that its been up for over 3 days without changing it must be alot.
1nakedninja4u 1nakedninja4u
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2012