I am so thankful that I didn’t meet my wife to be before I did. I was not yet appreciative enough of her stable and compassionate personality. I was still attracted to the drama and wildness of doomed relationships.

I was not yet lonely enough to change and mature to experience a lasting relationship.

Failed relationships hurt. Pain is Mother Nature’s way of telling us it’s time take our hand out of the fire. Time to do things different.

I was a slow learner and I am thankful I didn’t met the love of my life before I was ready. Before I had learned the lessons all my failed relationships had to teach me…DD


Dewduster Dewduster
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I love this post and your replies...DD

So beautiful DD, and true.<br />
<br />
They say (and I believe this is for women but anyway.. ) you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.<br />
<br />
I'd rather skip on the frogs but I guess it's the way of life :)<br />
<br />
Having been in several relationships in the past, I learned what kind of man I want, what is it that I don't want, the things I can tolerate and the things I'm not going to...

OMGoddess... I am of some use! I have to tell my ex-girl friend- Maybe I should just leave her alone...DD

That was beautiful, it definitely made me think about my past relationships and my current feelings for someone.

Thank you. I hope I am getting better at "texing" for EP! I know I have made some mistakes...DD