Advanced Grammar

I could do everything in English class. I could read at a higher level than the rest of the class, get good grades on my English exams, write essays and get the best scores, ace all my spelling, vocabulary and punctuation tests... Everything. I could do everything in English class EXCEPT grammar. And by grammar, I mean advanced grammar. I know my adverbs and pronouns, nouns, adjectives, verbs... You know, the basics. The stuff like, say, subjective complements, copula verb, predicate, nominative, objective, etc... That's where I will look at you as if you were speaking a different language if you start rambling on about those. I just always found that kind of grammar unnecessary.

The truth is, if you can spell, have a high-level vocabulary, use your punctuation correctly and get your point across clearly and with ease in a sentence, you're already smarter than most of the population when it comes to the English language. So what does it matter if you know the technicalities of what you're writing in a sentence? What does it matter if you know the subject in the sentence you just wrote, the linking verbs or the adverb clause? Why all those advanced grammatical terms and technicalities?

Like I mentioned above, if you can write well enough or at least proficiently and correctly, I don't see how knowing all those grammatical technicalities your sentences are made up of is really all that necessary. :/
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I once asked a Teacher.... Why can't you teach me what I want to learn? His answer gave me all the Political knowledge I ever needed. So, during classes, in my spare time, which was most of the class, I wrote a Thesis about Brain Washing, in my senior year in HS. Of which, they could not fail me, because I had all my Credits to Graduate, when in the Eleventh Grade. My first year in College, my Literature Instructor, seemed as if he was trying to find out what we knew rather then teaching us, so I had it out with him about his duty to teach.<br />
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You remind me of me, 50 years ago. Keep up the good work. Keep asking for knowledge, and you will get it.....