yeah. I'm back and I'm morose.

******* missed eveyone so much and now I'm gonna **** you all of by being a misertable ****** but I can't ******* stand that I will always be alone and the only way I can feel les worthless is to make a pretend life online. I need to accept that I will always be a lone and noone' would relly like me in real life.

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5 Responses May 7, 2009

I don't really believe that it's any less real than offline life. I just wanted to say something bad about myself. I'm sorry that what I said was insulting to everyone else on here. I guess I really wanted to be self-destructive and that was part of that.<br />
It is good to BE back.. thankyou, everyone, for the welcome! You're so good to me.

Hey, It's not a make believe life. Is it? Oh! I thought it was real.<br />
<br />
LOL, it's so good to have you back.

Thankyou so much everyone. :) I am sorry I brought that kind of crap here with me.. Wow.. wasn't I in a bad mood that day! LOL<br />
I'm ok now though. I was just upset after I got an email when I went online.. another of my closest friends has left EP and deleted her whole account so I was just feeling very down and as usual it just set me off feeling bad about myself.<br />
Finding all these comments from you has really touched me, thankyou.

I dont think that you have a pretend life online. In 'real' life we all pretend to a certain point too....with masks of who we are, and how much we can open. <br />
<br />
You are not worthless, you are a good friend to us all.....really. Please don't be too hard on youreself, I know it's hard not to be, but you have to look at things through our perspective too, even if for a minute. Through our perspective you are not worthless, through our perspective you are a really REALLY cool person. <br />
<br />
And we miss you. :(

I am sorry you are feeling down... There isnt much I can do but I understand.<br />
<br />
Sending positive vibes your way...