For Real Why Are Some People So Stupid

People always want what they cannot have. A true story there is this random ugly person who waits for the bus every Saturday and Sunday (I really don't know if its coincidental or planned). always trying to get my attention as I wait in the line for he bus. I always ignored him and unfortunately one day there was no other place on the bus. so this person starts to have a conversation with himself (as he is talking non-stop) and at some point he asks me for my phone number. I pretend I don't hear him and he persistently asks I tell him the truth that I have somebody and the fool continues to talk with himself and talks about how he wants to marry me wow am I supposed to drop every thing and be blown over. need less to say I used some choice words on him but apparently they were not enough as when this stalker sees me again he tries to speak with me. An I'm like what the F,... you dont know me you dont know my name and I not effin giving you my number. Why are some people so STUPID. Dude get a life.
1beautifulscars 1beautifulscars
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013