Let Your Hair Down Sometimes

My daughter just got married the 8th of Aug.  Her husband's family has got to be the most uptight people I have ever met in my life.

Here is what I'm talking about.  At the rehearsal dinner my daughter called and asked me to pick up a few more cases of beer because she was afraid there wouldn't be enough.

So I get to her in-laws to be house with the beer and her soon to be mother-in law has a mild freak out because someone took a beer.  "No one can have a beer till the preacher is gone." 

What?  Ok, so she hides the beer in the back of the fridge with the others.

So the next day is the wedding.  Hello there is a keg right out there for everyone to see, including the preacher.  I wonder how she explained that one.  As the reception continues after everyone has ate and is starting to move around and talk.  The normal father-daughter dance and stuff begins. 

After all of the planed dances are over everyone else is suppose to begin to have fun and PARTY.  Well for two and a half hours the only people dancing and making fools of themselves were my daughter's side of the family with me leadng the pack.  The grooms side just sat and watched.

But you have to remember the preacher was still there for two of those hours.  As our family's side is saying their good byes and the last of them had gone.  What do ya know.  Yes, many of the gooms relatives begin to get on the dance floor.

It seems they can only let their hair down a little bit when the preacher is not there or other people to see.

Well I've got to tell you, all of us from the south have no problem making fools of ourselves with or without the preacher there and in front of whoever wants to watch.


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3 Responses Aug 24, 2008

I honestly don't get what their problem was, but to each their own. I'm sure half the people I meet don't understand me either.

no not Baptist. Dutch Christian Reformed..seems anything is ok as long as it's not done in front of the preacher and anyone outside of your family. But they are real quick to judge the way you live your life. <br />
<br />
To say the least they relly love me because I'm an open book to who ever wants to read.

No accounting for jitters, future Mother-in-law must have had them. Were they Baptist? Down her some still don't drink or dance.<br />
<br />
Besides, the boy had to have good taste cause he picked your daughter. Right?