So Sad......

Today while walking down the high street, I passed by a man aged about 25, with his partner/wife, also two children. As I passed he shouted to the woman, " you don't listen!, wait till we get home I'm going to ******* kill you". I felt for both her and the children, but as we do in todays society, I just walked on.............
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Did you just walk by? Or did you look to see if the woman was reaching out to you. In these situations we often feel the victim reaching out. But typically its to tell people not to interfere. That they might make it worse. It's not to ask for saving. Or she would have been fighting not apologizing and saying sorry.

interesting concept

minding nobody's business is keeping it safe lol

yes...but !!!

That IS sad. I don't think anything you could have said or done would have made much difference and could very easily have gotten you injured. I wish for all people who suffer abuse to have the courage and resources to be able to get out of those relationships......

thank you xx

i hate scum like this and it is becoming all too common, i would have walked past in fear of my life. i just hope he is all mouth and no trousers. if we had better police/law enforcement officers then maybe she could have him locked away but she will not get help until he causes her serious injury or worse. sad to hear it.

I know...I felt so sad and wanted to say something...but what would the concequece have been?,,,got to swear...b****rd

difficult one to have to live with mate but lets hope you do not see or hear anymore about it. i think you did the right thing. chances are, if you had got involved then she may have started on you as well as him giving you a kicking. i have seen that many times.