Friday 5/25/12

Today was filled with a lot a drama! Well our history teacher was not in school the entire week during CST, then everyone started saying he got fired or he quit. Well I know some of you may think we kids are just reacting and letting our imaginations getting the best of us. Well let me tell you, we barely learned a thing in history because he would just stay quiet and stare at us to intimidate us to stop talking (Just to let you know I don't talk in class) and wasted 30 minutes in class (I did laugh with everyone else though.) So two conclusions would be that the district didn't want that so they let him go or he got really frustrated and left. A friend told me she heard in the office saying that my class well all three seventh grade classes were taking advantage of him (everyone would take out their phones, ipods, and etc and talk) well he did tell me he wanted to be a lawyer. But he forgot his certificate. I was really shocked of it, our substitute even gave us a syllables that he was going to teach for now on.

When I was going to computer class my friend told me she got in a fight with this girl (this didn't shock me as much just a little, hint: she got punched in the eye once why again?) Well her other friend was yelling at her my friend was just cussing her out in the background. I 'm just going to give them fake names cause I can't let you know who they are and saying friend is kind of not making sense. My friend 'valerie' told me that 'jenny' kicked our friend where the sun don't shine and she laughed. So her and her friend got mad. Her friend 'natasha' told her something and the girl said something back. I was not surprised that the girl(lets call her anya) got in a fight, because she got punched in the eye and had a black eye. Now 'natasha' threatened to punch her and 'anya' said I'll punch you. What shocked me was that my friend was involved in it.

Last but not least, you know how teachers can't harm cause they are no you parent. Well this kid in my class told our disciplinary that our math teacher pushed him. It happened on Wednesday and I'll I saw was that she yelled at his face.  My classmate told me that the disciplinary is going to questioned everyone in the class to know what happened. I was so shocked at this. If Ms. gets like guilty she will be fired and never work at a school again, or the student will get in a lot of trouble. The questioning might be on Tuesday because Monday will be Memorial Day.   

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May 25, 2012