Risking Global Collapse ...The Next Financial Crisis OR "Overdose" (All Parts)

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8 Responses Jan 24, 2011

Indeed it is an alternative; but where did mankind make a success of it? With which I do not say the way we live now is a success, because it clearly is not.<br />
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But look at the most really "Islamic States". How do they proceed? Quite capitalistic I would say.<br />
The only "Kingdom" I can think of in which what one thinks is really not capitalistic is is Bhutan. There they think in "growth of happiness" for each of their citizens.<br />
And it works, of course with all the problems around it!<br />
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Glad to see I'm not the only one who sees the impending catastrophe ahead of us. We can all gather at my gold mine in the mountains, put samurai in charge of security and dig us some gold, the only thing that will be worth bartering with. And yes, there will be bears to fight and roast, bambi and his mom, some quail, and the occasional raccoon... With a creek flowing through the property for water and washing. Yes, a tribe on miners...

I will most certainly pay my respects when I visit him :-)<br />
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I miss his cute, scruffy, little face.

Awww! Poor Wuffy :-( I'm gonna miss the little guy.

I'll bring my HUGE samurai sword to fight & scare away scavengers trying to steal our rescources!<br />
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**Nuzzles for Wuffy**<br />
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Right on, FS!<br />
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There is only so much sand left in the hourglass! The more time passes, the less options & tools we'll all have to help combat the problem.


WOW!!!<br />
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The reporting was excellent & the visual aids were spot on! Greed & ignorance. Thats what led to such an overdose. America is just now starting to climb out of the gutter. It's gonna take a long time to for things to get healthy again. Livng in Detroit, Michigan, I know all too well about such economic turmoil!<br />
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Thanks for posting this FS! This really hit home!

Well it did, for a short while, because it has been removed.