How Long Will It Last?

How long will it take to see this monetary system go down?
I don't have a clue, I know though it will!
It is not the question "will it", no the real question is "when will it".
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It is on its last legs that is for sure. Just the Germans propping it up..How long for. I am responding 10 months after you have posted your story... and it is worse now.

It is worse, much worse. I admire Angela Merkel, but I do not see how she's going to keep Greece in the EU. We just can't pay for it anymore.

If the people and hard working and put in the hours that the rest of us in Northern Europe do then we can feel sorry for them. But..hey you only have to visit Greece..... to see how little gets done

Been there seen it ;-)


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Natural disasters that can't be solved with money or fortune, might be able to break this system, however, should humans survive from it, don't you think they once again won't learn a lesson and end up bringing money worth back again?<br />
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I hate to believe that there will be no end to this man-made way of living, but I've been thinking, and considering how long it has been since humans first had a chance to fix their mistakes, there is likely nothing that will completely break a well-loved way of life.

Sad; is it not?

I think the catalyst needs to be a catastrophic environmental disaster. If crops fail for a few seasons and starvation suddenly becomes real to all Americans then paper money will become useless. A massive solar storm could fry our power grid and that could also be a catalyst. Scarey thought, but really if you think about it, paper money is just that....paper

Right on the spot! Thank you!