Money Druma

i think people care to much about money. it seems like when some people get money they think they have power over you. they pick on the people who is less forture then them. its like they let the money take over there lifes. an dont care who they hurt in the mean time. i think some people need to get a life in relize that money is not the most importen thing in life

thelinebacker thelinebacker
2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

he is right,you would be suprised what some people will do if they think they will somehow profit from it.their are some sick people out there

Without money no one can survive in todays society so it is the most important thing. Only someone with a lot of it or they are financially secure would feel otherwise. Those with little wish they had more and those with a lot run from appreciating other aspects of living or are callous and live for the money.