This is a touchy subject, because without money, it is rather difficult to live in today's world. However, far too many people place far too much importance on the stuff. When it starts to cloud your judgment and corrupt you, it's a problem. Money is like any other luxury- it's easy to get carried away and takes work and care to avoid that happening.

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Google "alternative currencies" please. xW

Yeah, that was a pretty presumptuous comment for her to make. Everyone works for a paycheck. They may ALSO work because they like what they do or the results of their work, but if they didn't want the paycheck, they wouldn't work or, like you said, they would give the money away.

youdo need money in order to live. i can't think of many things you can do that doesn't require money. my boss once said that she thought the staff just worked for their paychecks. and she doesn't? i don't recall her donating her fat paycheck to charity.