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 i'm a very laid back, say what i feel kind of person. i am sensitive to a point, but i do view people who are overly sensitive as weak and a bit ridiculous. perhaps thats a bad thing, but come on. this is the internet. if you dont like what you read, get over it. i get over half of the **** i have to read on this site. theres plenty of ignorant people, theres plenty of insightful people. this site can be a harmoneous blend of both mixes if we werent all so eager to whine and cry about every little thing we didnt agree with. i like when open debate was appreciated and not assumed as ignorant banter. and yes theres a difference between complaining and expressing thought. this site is intended for you to pour your heart out....but for gods sake, let your point have purpose. and why attempt to delete a persons experience just because you dont like what they have to say??? if we cant express oursleves on this site, why are we here....recent events have made me very contemplative about venturing back. 

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Hi antiyou<br />
well said. Something to aim at!<br />

well the group about me did get deleted....but not because i complained. i dont see the point. nothing on here that is said should hurt a perons feelings. i think it sucks when it does, though. people are supposed to be able to let their guard down on this site, though it seems as if the moment they do, it backfires. do you know how many people (who dont like me) have asked why i chose antiyou as my username. its pointless for them to ask because they already think they know the answer. a lot of assumptions about me are ridiculous at best. so many closeminded people assume they know everything about everyone based on a half *** debate lacking passion but riddled with discrimination for that which they dont agree with. but none the less, this is a long as you're not saying 'i want to **** little children' on here, then its all gravy baby....cause ******* little children is wrong!

well if its a personal attack, thats understandable...but even i once had a group made about me (a derogatory group). it didnt seem to bother me, but it did bother others who knew me....