I Can Definately Say That I Have

 I believe that we all do it.

There are times when we mistake physical attraction for something else.

Let's just stay with the physical attraction, that attraction belongs to everyone.

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44 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I have no clue what i'm thinking.

Me? Behave? What ARE you thinking???

just promise that you won't behave on here, if you do i will have to kick you out.


your in the group now, might as well keep you. lol

Hey, can I join this little group. I promise not to get anything abnormal on anyone. I am up for the party. And i.....er......gulp......squirt.........never mind........squirt......squirt......fart...........

i know you are. your mind would be my desert, mmmm

what about it? lol

I have that now with you TW. :)

taking some time to be with your son, you and i know that is much more important then being on here. You have your priorities straight.<br />
<br />
just don't let it happen again. :)

i'm sure there will be more of them Pix.

I spent the day with my son and I missed out on an ****! Where are my priorities????? LOL

I can't believe I missed this story....gosh!!!!!!!!!!!

good game duijay. lol

Great talks,maling me hot to see the ****.I will not disturb you and just encourage in your game.

i'm happy aboput it too Sara, lol

OOOO! We CAN see that you are "UP" again.... how cute!

please join us WB, the more the merrier.<br />
and as you can see i'm up again. lol

Count me in ladies ... now that PTMAN's back in the saddle ... good to see you back dear!!! Hope you're well!!

I could definately use a warmup session, that's for sure!

Lydia i will give it my best shots. all three of them. :)

In the meanwhile, Lydia, you and I could... um.... limber up .... or something.... heh heh heh ;-)

i'm all for an ****.<br />
<br />
let me look for her in the other **** chat rooms. lol

LMAOOO! that's true. Are you sure you can handle all of us at once PT?

Right now it's a three-way... with Pix it would qualify as an ****!!! Whooo-hoooooo!

I will follow your lead Lydia, be nice and gentle with Sara, or does she want to get manhandled first? lol

we could certainly use some of her expertise. :)

oh i'm game for helping!

Oh, yes!!! Where is Pix now that we need her so????

you don't think that we should Lydia? i will definately need your help.


oh hell yes i get what you mean, we definately need to take care of the emidiately.

most definately a night to be remembered ;)

Heh heh heh... and I am totally "sweating" in a different place.... if you get what I mean.....

definately a dream come true for me Sara, three of the most beautiful women on EP. palms are sweating.

OH, LYDIA, you are a DOLL! I would TOTALLY love to share you and ptman with Pix... oh my! Now THAT is a DREAM night!!!!

we are speaking of happy sloppy? i'm all yours make me sloppy. lol

oh by the time i *** back for 3rd's, 4th's and 5ths'....how could you be anything BUT sloppy?

seconds yes, i will try not to be sloppy. lol

no thanks needed. technically, they had you first....so im jsut getting sloppy seconds. lol

well what more could i ask for, those are pair of very lovely ladies. <br />
<br />
i'm sure they will thank you. lol

good! cause i will only agree to sharing you with Pix & Sara :)

no baby, we're still on. lol<br />
<br />
anyone puts the move on me, i will have to explain that i'm a one woman man,

Is somebody trying to put the moves on you, PTMan? If so, i'm totally jealous....especially after you just propsed to me! lol