My Co-worker

I know I have a similar post in another group, but here it is.

I wish one of my co-workers would grow the **** up.

She went to my high school. She was two grades behind me, and our school had over 2,000 students, so we didn't know each other, but of course we know some of the same people. Instead of forming her own opinion of me, like an ADULT would, she judges me based on what her friends have told her. I had classes with some of her friends, and they didn't like me because I actually gave a crap about school unlike them who just cared about football and partying. Also, at a recent luncheon she wanted everyone to go around and introduce themselves and say what clique we were in in high school. Ummm, hello *****, THIS ISN'T ******* HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE! No one cares! Go back to high school where your maturity belongs.
dancer2011 dancer2011
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2010