Caution Is Always Prudent

Whether you are the one giving or receiving the advice it is always prudent to proceed with caution.  A person that is providing advice often has only a small fraction of the facts in which they are basing their conclusion to the problem on.  Their advice is based upon their own personal experience; in most instances that has absolutely nothing to do with your unique circumstances and situation. 

Giving an opinion is one thing, and we all have one, giving advice on the other hand is a much more serious affair that needs to be given or taken with prudent caution.

JacquesPierre JacquesPierre
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 12, 2008

Good advice.

Dear Duchess: Your comments are most insightful and provide a reader with additional perspectives on the topic at hand. Thank you for your thoughts, as I appreciate your input.

So true. I've seen it happen so many times. I often worry because I can never seem to shut up. Like right now. LOL

a wise man has spoken here! well said.