Not Just Some People, All People..

It sounds so much simpler than it is sometimes, I'm afraid.

I mean why forgive some and not forgive others. Not one person on this planet is perfect no matter what one may think about themselves and no matter what you think of your new boyfriend/girlfriend, believe me, they'll show their flaws and leave you feeling like your back is against the wall with nowhere left to run. or that cute guy that you found a picture of on the internet and you're already planning the wedding and how to get him to notice me. (oops, I mean who would imagine I would do such a thing. I'll win him over with "mah mad skillz and proper etiquette" *tries to say it with a straight face but fails* )

I am the prime example, goodness knows I need forgiveness and a lot of it.

I'm not gifted, I'm special.. like I need help special. :P
wack1985 wack1985
31-35, F
Sep 19, 2012