Calm Down

I had to share this story bacause I am little frustrated with people doing the following ...
Please do not overtake me on escalators,you will not safe any time and only annoy people around you.
Do not cut the line at supermarkets,we are all waiting and none of that "ohh how long it this going to take"?? shouting or wispering in my ear...this is irritating and won't move the line any faster.
Also when you are shopping and want to get something of the shelf please don't reach over me ...I am not a ghost,Excuse me whould be appreciated.
People walking in the shopping centres....suddenly stop and then have to go around you? arent you aware were are you?

People should calm the F *** down and stop being in such a rush!!

Thank you,excuss me and little smile would me BIG difference

zombiecat zombiecat
31-35, F
4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

there is to much rushing around these days

why in such a rush my friend ?

I would actually save time overtaking you on the escalator...hence the reason I'm overtaking are going too slowly...

My favorite is the guy who roars around you, cuts you off in traffic, gives you the finger and then gets stuck at the SAME red light you did. All that posturing for nothing. And I agree w/ every word you said here.