People Are Crazy!

ok it all started yesterday my son is 4months old and hes teething hes been screaming none stop for two days i havent slept so i decide to go to the dollar store this A.M. i get the kids and go, well i pull up beside this car and this guy is standing outside the passenger side door of  his car and their is a little boy sitting in the seat crying so im watching the guy i guess he dosent see me cuz he starts slapping the little boy in the face telling him to shut up the boy was no bigger than my daughter and shes 20months old so i sit their an i dont want to say anything because i dont want to scare him off cuz i know im gonna call the cops so i jump out get my kids go around the back of the car get the tag number go in the store i see the manager tell her well she turns around and tells the girl at the cash register and she just happened to be ringging up the guys girlfriend so i say to her that guys out their beating your child (which by the way dosent even have a car seat) anyway she says thats his father and hes just playing so i went off and told her she was a horrable mother i was so pissed anyway the whole time im on the phone with 911 they jump in the car and drive off! anyway i dont know what happened to them i was crying the whole time it was horrable  i hate what all that little boy is going through but my point is iv kept my cool for two days why cant someone keep theirs for 5 mins what is wrong with people? so i would like to know what would you do?
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Well im glad you did the same thing b/c i think you are right to many people just let it go and i know the difference between scolding a child and beating it i mean iv slapped my daughter on the hand for doing something wrong and i would hate someone to call the cops on me but... this guy was slapping him in the face and telling him to shut the f*** up it was crazy i mean i was slapped in the mouth alot when i was younger by my mom and i swore i would never do that to my child iv been told you dont do that b/c your face is your identity and you dont hit someone in their identity! But what really broke my heart was he was crying b/c it was so hot they had this child in a sweater and its 90degrees out and hes in a car so thats like 130degrees WTF? Anyway yes he was caught and i have to go to court over it and you can bet i will be their! And thank you for your comment i figured i would get alot of people that said i was out of line i shouldnt have done that my husband had an abusive father and he take on it is if they dont get caught the child is gonna get it that much more worse later b/c in their sick mind they blame it on the kid for getting caught, and maybe hes right i dont know but in this case it turned out for the best!

I would do exactly what you did, the right thing.<br />
Too many people turn a blind eye for fear of being seen as interfering, I know this as I had a similar experience to yours many years ago. Many people witnessed the same abusive incident that I did that day but I was the only one to do anything about it, and I was 9 months pregnant at the time!<br />
I hope the police caught up with that creep you saw and that he's now being dealt with to spare that little boy any more abuse.