Makes Me Angry

I know someone who really should have no kids.She treats her son like crap and yells at him all the time,calls him names and beats him for everything.I turned her into cps for it. Her daycare lady told her my mom did it and she threatened us if we did not tell her who really turned her in(she is my nephews mom). Surprise surprise,both my mother and I got turned in to cps on false reports the next day. I have come to believe that some people should be fixed as soon as they reach puberty.

blackcat blackcat
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3 Responses Jun 25, 2007

I think so to I have a freinds how keep geting there kids taken away and then Cps will give them back.I know of a people that get there kids taken for doing drugs around there kids and Cps gave them back why would thay do that I donot know if u knwo but u acm call CPS and u donot have to give them your name

Wow, great job CPS! (sarcasm) Did they even investigate before writing you off as a false report? Somehow I doubt it. Hope you're doing alright through all this.

I totally agree with that. Coarse, on the flip side of that... I know some kids that shoulda been a wad their mama swallowed on conception night! lol