I Knew a Little Girl..

I bet she's around twenty years old right now.  I hope she is alright.  I hope she was able to become a bit more well adjusted than it seemed her future was going to give her.

Her mother, the girlfriend of an old acquaintence of mine.

She was terrible with her daughter. Unfortunately she had/has Bi Polar and wasn't on any sort of medication.  So, this child got the brunt of a lot of her mood swings.  I never saw her raise her hand to the child.

A lot of the time, the child was in my care.  I didn't even volunteer, it'd just turn out that way.  This mother would ignore her daughter, an infant.  I'd step in and make sure the child was getting her needs met.

There were times at the store this mother would just walk away. People thought me and my boyfriend at the time, were the childs mother.  A lot of people did, since we were seen a lot more with her.

One day, I'll never forget.  Her mother was extra manic. She was angry at everything.  That of course upset her daughter, who was crying in her car seat (she was in the backseat of the car at the time this happened).

The mother started to scream at her daughter, calling her a **** and a *****.

This child had to be around one year old.  She wasn't walking or even speaking yet.

I was shocked.  The child of course burst into a new set of tears, crying even louder due to her mothers anger.

I lost touch with this mother and the child due to breaking up with my boyfriend.

So, I hope luck was on this little girls side and that she was able to fight what life dealt her.
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Sad story, when you want to help. I went to boarding school that as a rule took under-privileged children. It was my observation that some kids with twisted paths grow up to manages themselves very well, or on the flip-side they emulate their parent or role-model. This is probably the same for all children regardless. Anyways, I hope she came to terms with her youth, children are resilient creatures…hindsight helps. You were a good person to care so much, sounds like you did all you could.<br />
Thanks for sharing.