I Know This Girl, She Will ...

I know this girl, she will remain nameless, that is now pregnant with her 6th child. The first baby, a girl, is fine. Small but healthy. Her problem is her anger. The child is 5 years old and i don't cuss like that when I'm mad. That bad.

The second child, also a girl, was born with down syndrome and severe seizures. She passed when she was 5 months old.

The third child, a boy, has severe seizures and is severely handicapped. He is almost 4 and still not walking. He was supposed to be in physical therapy, but she won't take him. So, still not walking and cusses like a sailor.

The forth child, another girl, was born with a club foot. By the age of one, she should have had 3 surgeries to correct it. She never took her daughter for the surgeries.

The fifth child, yet another girl, is healthy as far as I know. I haven't heard from her in a while. A mutual friend of ours, informed me when the baby was born and that she was a girl.

Now the sixth child is on its way and the girl was thinking about getting an abortion because she doesn't want anymore. Think the lord she was talked out of it.

The state where she lives has been trying to force her to get her tubes tied, but she always finds a way out of it. I have rarely ever seen her hold any of these precious babies. Even at feeding times, she just props the bottle. She has been reported for child abuse so many times that it's scary, but they never do anything about it. People like her and her boyfriend never deserve to have children.

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Wow that just seems downright selfsh them kids did not ask to be here that is just wong I donot get poeple like that why do thay keep have kids if u donot take care of the ones u got stop have kids

each child is disabled in some way. she is drawing a disability check on each one of them. thus the reason for having more.