I worked in the Youth Services department of a library a few years back as a clerk and I saw dozens of parents who didn't deserve the title. Some would abandon their kids at the library from 8 in the morning to 8 at night so they wouldn't have to deal with them. Others would come to the library with their kids, but ignored the children so they could get on the computer (leaving me to yell at kids who decided to jump on furniture/throw books/hit each other/etc.).

We had to call Social Services a couple times because there was one girl who we would find standing out on the street when we closed (at 8 p.m.) because her mother hadn't picked her up yet. And when we'd call the mother, she'd claim she forgot the girl wasn't home. She was 9!

It was only harder to deal with because most of these kids were really sweet and polite and then their parents would come in to yell at them for stupid things. Usually because they were mad they had to leave the bar to pick them up. (Sadly not exaggerating)

There are at least a dozen parents I can think of that deserved to be kicked. I'm so glad I don't have to work there anymore, but I still wonder how those kids are doing.

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I hated it when the parents yelled at their kids in front of me. I always wanted to step in and, at the very least, give the kids hugs.

Those kinds of situations sound all too familiar. I worked for a year and a half as a page in the children's section of a library. On a daily basis, there were kids who were left in there unsupervised. One day I saw a girl of about three years who was very upset (and rightfully so) because she couldn't find her mom. The staff paged the mom, and when she didn't show up they checked the parking lot- the woman was in the car having sex with her boyfriend while her toddler was alone and crying! Also saw a man shaking his two young boys once because they had interrupted him- I wanted to say something but I was too scared.