You Can't Take Care of It

I joined this group because I think some people can't take care of children, there are so many abused and neglected children in the world.

I say if you can't take care of it, don't bring it in the world. I am tired of hearing how Beethoven and so many other geniuses  would not have been born. Well they lived a really sad life, and if we were not so selfish we would have wished them a happy life.

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There was only one Beethoven but we have 7B right now,many of whom have nothing.Nature will fix things for us.

I agree.:)

@ Luna 95: I agree, well spoken, thank you

@ Thought: thanks


@ Captain Haddock: Parents are responsible for their kids behavior, and raising a rude kid is child abuse. Because that kid will lose a lot of chances in life<br />
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@ BB: me too<br />
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Thanks for the comments

I hate child molesters.

I hate rude kids, if you have kids, take time to educate them

@ Angel: Thank you,<br />
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@ Rider: LOL, you are so right, my sister failed 3 times and has a lovely son.

@ Queen Marie: thank you very much for the information. I didn't know they were using drugs, I wish there was a way to stop that.

yeah..i agree to that..

I AGREE!!!!!!!! I have seen way to many people continue to have kids because their welfare and medicaid pay for everything! I work in a pharmacy and see this all the time.. what makes it worse is that a lot of these parents who have medicaid take their kids to all these doctors to put them on drugs to "control them" because they have too many kids and don't want to deal with them. I found out that someone I knew was on welfare and she had her third child just because the state paid her for it.. and she ended up making over 5000 a month where as I worked my *** of work and made a whopping 10.00 an hour. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not dissing people on medicaid and welfare but if you are having kids just so you get money and don't have to work... that is wrong... your kids see this and will prolly end up just like you!

The past is in the past, nothing can be done about that but to try to help those children.<br />
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But as for the future we can teach people how to love their children

But they do bring them in the world,we cant change that..

Well spoken, thank you antigravity

@ DownandOut: I have a baby!! and I would not give her up for anything! but just one, and I can afford her!!<br />
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@ Lacey: selfish, I think if you really love children and you can take care of it, bring one. But I see poor people with 6 to 8 children!!! my god!

I think people should be educated, I love democracy and freedom in US, but I really empathize with abuse children, can't help it.

I agree. Perhaps tax breaks should be awarded to those of us who DON'T have children. The government would never do that, however. Need more little batteries to keep things going.

It's just they don't care to use protection, and then again they don't care to have abortion.

Exactly. They normally end up in trouble. But hey, according to some... that's the best way. The mother was allowed to do what she wanted to do... ya know???

it is not just a woman who is to blame the father is as to blame

And abused, and neglected and ... what will become of them.

That is the bigger shame. Things have been discussed in the past to stop this, but the arguement against it is that the mother should not have restrictions like that. But then the kids are ignored....

but nothing can be done

I agree. And yes it is a shame....

That's a shame. I think these parents should go to jail or something.

I also feel sorry for the children who are born into this world because their mother is only wanting to increase the size of her wellfare check....


RIGHT ON...I agree with you fully!