Some People Don't Change Part Two My Version

I am severely disgusted with the way my cousin is. She really makes my family look like trash, because she herself IS trash. This is a long story but I will make it as short as possible.

This girl, who thinks that she is a "woman" gave birth to this baby two years ago. How did she get pregnant? She had sex with the guy on the first date and did not use protection (from what she told me). I used to try and build a positive relationship with her, try to be there for her as much as I could and I have realized from time to time, that not only does she disrespect me, she just plain DOES NOT CARE. I am the godmother of her daughter and all though it is not my job, I have taken care of that child whether or not her mother was around to take care of her.

Anyway, when I used to visit her, and when she was with the father of her child, they used to smoke weed, have loud obnoxious sex everyday (not caring who is behind the walls and in the area), and go out in the car (while the baby is in the back seat) and blast the stereo to the highest volume.  I was surprised that the baby can even hear anything.

She is the type of person who would put all of her needs before her child's needs.
Examples: Leaving the child in the house of only a few months old, to go out and buy a pack of ciggarettes and cosmetics. Two, Fighting with her boyfriend over a straightening iron for a half an hour, while the baby is unattended in the bath tub. Three, doing her hair and make up for about an hour before the baby gets bathed or clothed. Four, Leaving dirty diapers in different sections of the house and not throwing them away until somebody says something. The list goes on and on...

Nobody I know likes her and everyone who knows her complains about her, but yet people think that she is so pretty, and so nice and they dont even realize all the **** she has done and is still doing. People are so blind by her appearence and it is just disgusting, the superficiality that goes on.
Her stepmother is supporting her financially, and has in the past, given her a roof over her head (even though she didnt deserve it).  To sum it all up, she is a concieted, ungrateful, selfish, spoiled rotten brat who mooches off of whoever she can hook her rotten little claws into.

She is like a human trojan horse. You let her in and she ruins your life in one way or the other. I have decided to just avoid the heck out of her, that is all I can do in the meantime.  She will never change, this has gone on for a looooooooong time.
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im adopted anc from what i learned if you cant take care of baby give it up for adoption i was adoptedd by my dad not biologically he turns out to be a hollywood producer who has produced alot of universal pictures and i love him to deaath i

Some of us need to come around. We all don't start as good parents, or even decent ones...

:-) that is beautiful.

No problem at all. I didn't grow up so well, and I made a vow that I would make my sons life better than mine was....I love him to no end...would die so he wouldn't have to feel pain!He is my world!

I am glad that you had a change of heart. You have grown up and have been nurturing and loving to your baby son. I have no doubt that it will stay that way. Thankyou so much for being a real mother.

Wow!...I can't believe what I am reading!....Ya know, i used to be selfish. And when i had my son, I thought i might not be suited to be a mother. But when i saw the smile on his face when i held him or played with him, I just thought," how could I have thought that?" I love him os much, and i am not a perfect mother by any means, but I love my son and he comes before anyone and anyTHING else in my life. I make sure he has eaten before me, I make sure he has shoes and clothes to wear, i make sure he is asleep before I go shower, and i only ever leave him with my sister who loves him like her own child. He goes to the doctor when he is sick and OMG these people make me sick....I can hardly believe it! ......I love my son to pieces, and sometimes I wish I could be selfish, but that time will come maybe someday when he is grown....and even then, he will still need me!

At least there is the stepgrandmother providing some caring in the child's life. There's some good influence.

AngelaDark, that is what I am worried about the most. Some people tell me that the child may grow up to be worse than her mother. I am hoping against this. :-( And it makes me think....<br />
<br />
And everytime I ask my cousin how the baby is doing, she gives me short answers, as if the baby doesn't really matter. Everytime I ask her about the baby her answer is always "she's good". That is all. I just dont know what to do anymore...she doesnt live by me ( she did once for a few months). All I can do is try hard to move on with my life, and if I ever have children I am going to make sure that they grow up independent, humble and strong.<br />
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The child has a stepgrandmother and she takes care of her very well from what I know....hopefully her influence will rub off on the child more. I can only hope.

i know i didn't ask for how my 'family' regarded me. this baby is probably going to grow up to either be a horrible person or a very very depressed person. some people should really be sterilized against their will for the good of all

First of all, she should have thought about her youth before she spread her legs with the guy on the first date. I believe, no matter how old you are, once you have a baby you are not number one anymore. Your baby did not ask to be born and your baby depends solely on you. There is no question about it. Babies are completely defenseless. <br />
You know something else, she bragged about the fact that she had sex with him on the first date. I think she should resent herself for being so dumb in the first place.<br />
Second, I am not offended at all, she deserves all the insults she can get because she has no remorse and she is very shallow. She has no shame at all.

Exactly, it truly is disgusting...because you know something, other people have lost their children for much less than what she has done. Some people have their children torn away from them for no logical reason at all. It gets me so upset.<br />
<br />
The so called "mother" lives like as if she is a fictional character. Her whole life is like a retarded soap opera, and she is the only one who made it this way. She wants everyone else to believe that she is such a victim, and that nobody is helping her....whoever is buying that crap deserves to be used by her. I bet she believes that everyone will always be there to clean up her mess and that this is why she does the things that she does because people are blinded by her and the fact that she has a cute little baby. But we all know who the real problem is, and it is not the baby at all.

You know something, I failed to mention that child protective services was called on her three times by three different people. First by her own Father, second, by her boyfriend's sister and third, by her half-sister within a few weeks of meeting her. This brat is just ridiculous. Again, I don't understand how she is so lucky that she still has custody of the child. the ***** has too much luck, it's not right at all.

Is her name Britney? (jost kidding) Seriously, though, it sounds to me that she is not worth getting upset about. If you think her behavior is dangerous to her daughter, you should call protective services and report her.

OMG....what are our cousins doing to themselves!? I can't believe how stupid they both are (no offense) but it's true. I believe that we all have choices. We all choose our behaviors and we choose what we do. From my story, and what you have told me, anon4me, is that they both live as if they have no conscious or conscience. They both live life as if they are in some kind of a dream world. It's really disturbing....<br />
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My cousin had that baby when she was 18 which was two years ago. She is twenty now, and still acts as though HER life is so much more important than anyone elses. Meanwhile, not only me, but everyone else is taking care of her baby and supporting her baby in one way or the other. She acts as if the child is a complete ACCESSORY to her! (thankyou for that world btw, Quadrophenic). I have seen children treat dolls better than the way she treats her own daughter.<br />
Last time I came to see her, she was screaming at the baby " GO TO SLEEP!!! GO TO SLEEP!!!". I did not even know that they baby was awake to begin with. Is that any way to talk to a two year old?? My guess is NO. <br />
I know how you feel....I just hope that one day people wake up and stop supporting her...or that the child grows up not wanting anything to do with her. But either way, I just hope the child gets out of all this, sane, happy and functional.

I have a cousin who is exactly the same.. <br />
<br />
She's pregnant with her third kid by I think the third guy also.<br />
<br />
The oldest has mental problems that she refuses to get him help for. The next one is developmentally delayed, but really only because he is ignored all the time. She was pregnant with twins but miscarried. Miscarriages are never easy, but she acted like she didn't even care and was pregnant again in three months.<br />
<br />
She's in her early twenties and has been married, divorced, lived with two or three different guys, evicted, kicked out of her parent's house, and her grandmother's.<br />
<br />
She's trash through and through.. when I see her in public I act like I don't see her. It's horrible, but so true.

We can only hope.

I feel horrible for the child too, whenever I was with that child, we bonded. But I am at this point where I feel like, if the child ever gets taken away from her again, I would rather the child be with genuine people who can LOVE her than a wretched, self absorbed person like her mother.

I don't blame you, but I still can't help feeling terrible for the daughter...

You know something, when her child was so close to being taken away from her, I could not make it to see her, so I convinced my mother to go there and fight and bring her daughter back. She repays us with disrespect and rudeness. <br />
<br />
I told my mother today, if she ever gets that child taken away from her again, I am not going to lift a finger to help her, I do not even want to be involved.

The sad part is the baby is the only one who's going to suffer.<br />
If only there was a way for you to stay in the little one's life without engaging her mother. You sound like you've been the best influence in her life.<br />
The baby should have been hauled out of there long ago. It's a small miracle she's still alive, no thanks to the person who crapped her out.