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I work in an inner city school and the abuse and neglect that I see many of our students suffer makes this a true statement! We have to have a license for most other important things, I feel there should be a parenting license. A psychological evaluation of those who want to have kids. I know that will never happen,  but seriously, there are some monsters out there and unfortunately they are creating tomorrow's monsters!

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I taught in two inner city schools prior to having my own children. I saw the same things that you're talking about. I even had occasion to hear one mother berating her daughter for fighting that day. Not because the girl got into a fight, but because she had cried during the fight. Her mother told her that if she's going to fight someone, she had better make d*** sure that the other girl was the one who ended up crying or she (the mother) was going to beat the crap our of her. Seriously? What kind of thing is that to say to your 4th grade daughter? <br />
It's a cycle. And, I do believe that the way that someone parents now has an impact on how that child grows up to parent. Often, a person only knows how to do something in the way that they've been taught to do it themselves. It's sad, but true. Of course there are kids who escape that train of thought, but I really don't think that it happens that often. Kids growing up in the inner city, and being taught the inner city values, most often don't get away from it. I see it every day. Why work hard in school to get an education when selling drugs, robbing, and welfare are easier to do and give a better payout with less effort? <br />
A psychological evaluation would be wonderful! It drives me crazy that people need a license to drive a car, but not to create and raise a child.

i think that when the child sees his parents act out more than once that they are just showing them hom to act but the kid has a choice when he/she gets older to make something of there selfs

yeah something should be done ...though i dont think everyone ''creates tomorrows monsters'' but still ..if u are going to have a kid u have to be a true parent to them..