This Psych Is Nuts!

My 14 year old autistic nephew is seeing a psych because last summer he threatened to commit suicide. Up to that point he was a pretty good kid just a little depressed. Since he started seeing this "doctor" and was put on medication he has gotten steadily more withdrawn and has started lying and stealing which were never a problem before. The psychiatrist has decided that my nephew feels abandoned by his mother (my sister) and that much we agree on, but this lunatics idea of how to treat him is for my mother (who has been raising him since the age of 2) to turn him over to foster care!!!! How on earth would abandoning him AGAIN help him get over his feelings of abandonment?? This "doctor" has even gone so far as to threaten my mother with child neglect charges if she doesn't give him up or even if she seeks out a new psychiatrist to get another opinion! In my opinion this is nothing short of criminal on the "doctors" part! How can he legally deny her seeking out a second opinion???

He gave her another option of finding a man to be in his life all of the time. He says he needs a male influence no older than 35 in his god if thats what this idiot believes he needs to get every kid with a single parent or parents over 35 and all the kids being raised by grandparents and put them ALL in foster care!!!! Good luck finding enough.

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That's great news, Rick.

That's why I don't believe in shrinks. They are quck.

My mom finally told the doctor she wasn't going to bring him to her anymore and walked out, he is seeing a new therapist now and doing much better!

i told her that but she is scared to death to do anything about it now. sadly most people in this country are that way. they refuse to stand up and be counted when they know something is wrong or bad

Foster care isn't a treatment plan. Foster care is for when there are substantiated charges of severe neglect or abuse. And unless your mother has neglected or abused him, a court isn't going to send him to foster care. If this psychiatrist really threatened to file neglect charges on your mother if a second opinion was sought out, he should be reported to the state board overseeing his license. He is confused about his own power. It isn't up to him. It's up to a judge. And reports of child abuse or neglect are mandated if there is reasonable suspicion, not something that should be held over someone's head this way.

i don't think his experience is very high when it comes to dealing with nephew is so desperate to "fit in" with other kids his age and if a kid claims to be his friend he will do anything that kid tells him....even if he knows its wrong. of course this draws the predatory BAD kids to him because they know if they tell him to steal something or they won't be his friend anymore he will do it.....he doesn't understand that these punks really aren't his friends they are just using him

i already told my mother to go ahead and get a second opinion and that if this "doctor" decides to push things i will pay for a lawyer myself....or more likely the "doctor" will pay for the lawyer because i agree with you albahn i don't think this is legal and if i'm right not only will i fight him to stop him from doing this but i will also sue him for my legal costs and possibly for malpractice (or whatever they call it in the mental health field)

I can't even begin to imagine how stressful a situation that must be for you and your mother.<br />
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DISCLAIMER: I'm by no means an expert in law, and I take no responsibility for what you do with the opinions presented in this response. This is the kind of situation where it would be a very good idea-even imperative-to consult a lawyer before taking *any* further action (you'll need one anyway if he, God forbid, decides to file charges).<br />
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That being said, in my non-professional opinion: I can't imagine a court in this country that would prosecute someone for trying to get the best treatment for a child under their care (e.g. by getting a second opinion), and if you do decide to get a second opinion and the new doctor doesn't think that this is a case of child neglect (doesn't sound like it is) then I think it would be pretty hard to put a case together (If the government listens to this guy, then they surely would also listen to whoever you would get a second opinion from too).<br />
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Though it's definitely immoral, I'm not sure if it's illegal to threaten someone for seeking a second opinion (if not, it should be), but again, I would definitely consult a lawyer regarding that (and the whole rest of the situation, as I said, before doing anything, just to be safe), because if it is illegal then it might be the kind of thing that, if acted upon, could keep him from hurting anyone else in the future (speculation).<br />
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The mental health professions definitely attract a lot of people with problems, since they tend to take an interest in the field of mental health (possibly hoping they can help themselves). There are good psychs out there, though.<br />
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And I can't stress this enough, in a situation like this a good lawyer is worth his/her weight in gold.<br />
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I hope everything works out. Good luck, whatever course you choose.

i know its crazy you know its crazy but this highly educated moron says its not and unfortunately the government listens to him

Its really sad that these people are trusted and listened to from authorities. Foster care in Australia is a sham also. My friends who cant have kids addopted, and 4 years later( mind you the child was only 6months old when they addopted him) Has now been orderd to return the child to his aunty that didn't want anything to do with him at first. Becouse she is a close relative that had only met the boy once or twice when he was to young to remember. They love the boy as if he were theirs, they are the only parants that he knows. Its discusting how this can happen. No common sense at all.<br />
It seems its happening all around the world after reading this sad story.

i'm starting to wonder

i don't see how foster care would remedy the situation either. this doctor is a quack in the truest sense. how did he get his degree, send in a money order and two box tops?