I Want To Start A T-shirt Line, Shop, Or Online Business.

If you see any ideas for t-shirts in regards to style, make, type of material, sayings, genre's, share them with me please!

Not only will they keep me constantly thinking of new ideas and up to date with the market but it will be a nice little notification reminder of something I need to learn more about.

anyone have information on screen printing, 4 color screen press work well enough from my research they cost around 10,000.

also, if you just have one of those witty minds and have ideas of little sayings you think would be funny on a shirt that you have NOT seen and don't mind parting with your intellectual wit, have at it! Make a list!
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Sorry dude, in the process of finding somewhere online to print and sell my unique and unusual designs and witty phrases :(

Unless......you want to be that 'somewhere online'!!!!!

Good luck, hope it goes well!