It's just so true ... there are many things in fact that are better left unsaid.  For many reasons.  I am very good at keeping my lip buttoned when I have to.  Which is just as well really. 

I think it's very wise to know when to keep quiet, in fact it's a skill I have in abundance.  I can't abide gossip and people who slander others.  I have seen an awful lot of it too and refuse to take part.  I have been criticised for not joining in when others have been cruel to another party.  When that person is not there to defend themselves I think it's unforgiveable behaviour and does nothing to enhance the image of those doing the gossiping and being cruel.  They think it makes them seem so cool and part of the popular gang ... schoolyard tactics.  But I won't have anything to do with it ... even if it keeps me on the outside. 

Those who thrive on negativity and bringing someone else down just show their true colours to me in glorious technicolour and I really don't want to know them.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

yes merily ... drama free ... I do try!

thanks pix and AAL. it's a pretty basic rule for me.

I'm alot like that too WIB! If I don't have something good to say, I won't say anything...I hate negativity!! There's just no place in my life for it!