Some of Them

Are still ok and you can cope up with them but some are just way to hilarious, like the one I just came across.


Username : IWANT2CUM


Man if that is what you want to express then go to a corner and shake yourself rock hard then maybe.......

Floydian Floydian
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The new one is no different! :P

Hehe, yours is nice, its funny in a nice kind of way, but some of them are just way out of the box.

Nospringchicken seems interesting, explain explain!

I posted a confession on that one day! I was tired that day and said I should be HorrorsLookAway or NoSpringChicken.

Hehehe, i never came across the pee ones thankfully but really I think some norms should be set for usernames too! Its way too disgusting. Btw what would you be gran? ;P

This thread could take on a life of its own. I can't believe the usernames from the people with pee and bowel fetishes, something like Iwant2P and poopypants. Yuck.<br />
mewold, you cracked me up.

Yeah everyone would perhaps but that does not mean I am changing my username to that! Then maybe someday you will come up with Iwant2shit, eh? LOL<br />
<br />
Hehe thanks fg, I feel a little bad for putting out the hit, but it was irresistible you see, I have seen more, one of them being 'Ihatemyloserhusband' but this was way beyond limits LOL

MMM Woody! I like that! I am sure it is a hardwood Chris. There are some that I find hilarious but I won't say because in case they don't mean it to be funny I don't want to hurt their feelings. Cute post though Floyd.

Well, this person's screen name is perfectly logical. I mean who does not want to joyfully reach the expected conclusion to a certain popular exercise?


More than one, f*ckers.

Just giving the old guy some ****.... Ha!

Ah yes should have figured that out lol!

The opposite of mewold'

LOL do you need a blue pill mewold?

Haha limpdick lamo!<br />
<br />
Why woody?

I'll change mine to Woody....

Maybe I should change my username to limpdick.

Hehe, and supposedly that rock is out of service though! ;P

Missbebe but you cant rock, you will need a rock maybe! :P<br />
<br />
Oo am i?

ts ts floydian is naughty,dont tease people