These Days There Are Very Few Women Who Aren't Misandrist

Women today have been fed on misandry with their mother's milk, trained in misandry by 12 or 16 years of feminist schoolmarms, and indoctrinated in misandry by every TV show, magazine, and film. Few females have resisted the deeply misandry indoctrination.
DozerDan DozerDan
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Horseshit. The reason most women are "misandrysts" are because they have reason to be.

Whether it's from fathers walking out on them, a male abusing them, or something else (read this if you don't believe me, women not being able to walk down a street without being catcalled, intimidated, or downright assaulted, that's what breeds hate, not the ******* magazines. Got it?

We are not "indoctrinated" with anything. We are smart people who aren't easily brainwashed.

Furthermore, if you want to combat "misandry," why don't y'all first of all start by even acknowledging that there are some evil, evil men out there? Or, no, wait, Ariel Castro was a saint. Amanda Berry and the other girls are making the whole thing up, despite the horrific photos to the contrary. Nope, men can do no wrong. Ever. Got it. Men=angels. It's teh womenz that are to blame.

Give me a frigging break.

Next, you could possibly go into one of these forums, and ask what men could do to begin the healing process. Instead of spouting off your own brand of hate, why don't you try to have compassion?

Thanks, nothis, for your demonstration to prove my conclusion.

How did I prove your point? I said that if women dislike men, it's because they have a reason to. It has nothing to do with the media. Got it?