there is this girl at my school,she is usually really stuck up and snotty. well she acts like she knows everything when it comes to well,everything. but the other day in the lunch line she was talking with her friends "oh well i don't know, how many calories is it? well what's it made of?" a bunch of high pitched "ask her"'s came from her little entorage. then she turns around and asks me,serious as hell, and i quote "what's the recipie for ice, and how many calories does it have?" now has anyone ever asked or been asked this question,because i wanna know how many more girls like this are there in the world?

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A recipe for ice and how many calories is it??????? LMAO wow that just made my day.

i kid you not she was not joking,she came up to me later and asked if i knew or not,i said she would have to ask the lunch lady,next thing i knew the lunch lady hit her over the head with a gravy ladle and told her to go back to kindergarten,i am serious. /-:

It's in the east Pacific, opposite the lost continent of Mu Mu.<BR><BR>They supposedly destroyed each-other in a war.<BR><BR>You would need to weigh the ice. The calorific value would be negative.. It takes one joule (a sensible metric unit of energy!) to raise the temperature of one gramme of water by one degree Celcius. The water-ice is at blow 0 celcius, but we can say it needs to be warmed by at least 37 Celcius.<BR><BR>I'm losing interest in this comment!!!<BR>Im certainly not going to try to work it out.. hmm . I might though.. <BR>I'd have to go and weigh some ice-cubes.. look on a packet of something to see what a Calorie is actually equiv' to in the real world (metric). Nahh,, I got sooo many better things to do. (like stalk your friends..(I know, I know)) <BR><BR>Funny story though, I like it! made me laugh a little anyway..

That had to be a bad joke. Nobody is that stupid XD<br />
<br />
When asked where is Atlantis one guy said somewhere around Argentina. He wasn't joking.

LOl, that is pretty funny