Wman Parking Her Car!!!

i work in a hotel, and i remember one night we were quite quiet, and we only had a few rooms sold for the night, and i remember at one point my manager was having a look at the security cameras in the back office where we have the screens, and we got to the camera that overlooks the car park, and there was only 2 cars in the car park and they were parked on the same side,with only a small space between them, then we noticed a car coming in, and this woman decided she wanted  to squeeze her car in between the two cars that were already there, never mind the fact that there was the whole rest of the car park empty, this woman just had to try get her car in between these 2 other cars, and she must have tried about 5 times before she gave up a went and parked somewhere else!!! lollol

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One woman, maybe many, don't park well. I do!<br />
And it was a man that hit my car in the parking lot before driving away without leaving a note, and a man that tore my mirror off while on a drunken vandalizing spree, and a man who broke into my neighbor's car to steal her CDs, and a man to killed his friends while drag racing, and a man who keyed the parked car who's driver was inside shopping......<br />
We have reputation for poor parking, while men are responsible for most all episodes of public bad judgement and criminality.

i actually agree with you lol!!


....-_-....a woman?...that makes perfect sense...<br />
...but random people like that, they could be great friend^^.

oh yes, ive seen some pretty bad male drivers in my time too!!! lol!! the woman had brown hair, and you cant really see much of the car park from the road, cos theres bushes all round

Maybe she wanted to hide her vehicle from street view ?

i'd probably do that cus im weird like that. hahaha....and no im not blond XD

I've also seen some pretty dumb guy drivers. This person was a bad example for women.