Well Aint That the Pot Callng the Kettle Black....

People are ignorant and sometimes they make mistakes. So to go on some kind of self-serving rant about how paris hilton or sarah palin ( who are both celebrities to some extent) are stupid just sounds like meaningless gossip. So the women who engage in discussions about how paris hilton and sarah palin are stupid probably don't have too much to offer in the intelligence department. I mean most of these stories just sound like women doing what they do best... being judgmental.

I mean no one has been more ugly to me in my lifetime then the women in my life I call friends or family. Women can eat each other alive and I think it is because women interpret emotions in a way that men can't so they know how to get into each others heads. Now lets look at this from an adult point of view. I am a woman and I have made mistakes. I let my emotions control me, I cry way too much and just when I think I have some conviction something comes along to shake my whole foundation. I try my best to be independent and confident while still believing in love and not fighting the whole world. So I am not perfect, but I am not just "some stupid woman" I am human and last time I checked I am allowed to make mistakes.

Ok so I have never slept with a married man and I do not plan on it ever. But I have cheated on someone I loved before and yes I regret it. I may not be ditsy enough to ask " how to make ice" but i have my ditsy moments believe me, I am clumsy as all get out. And I might not be a " paris hilton" but I do care about my outward appearance and sadly yes I do want to be attractive. And the little girl inside me, as pathetic as this may sound, wants to have lots of friends and be popular and have a really great bf lol. And I sure as hell ain't no sarah palin but she is a female leader in the united states and maybe some women were actually inspired by her speaking out and being a strong political figure in the public eye. She is a strong woman even if her opinions are not ideal and I do not see anything wrong with acknowledging and supporting that. Because as free as we might claim to be in the United States alot of people are still sexiest in their own small-minded way.

So I am a woman I am flighty, superficial, lonely, emotional, fragile, bitter, overly affectionate, self-indulgent and usually I am an all-around ***** with a heart of gold. And I am proud of that. I am proud of everything that makes me a woman. What is the alternative? Being a man? Ugh gross. Men the insensitive ambitionists ( not a word by the way but you get my drift) who have everything handed to them. ( sorry if that makes me biased but women are definitely the better of the two sexes) So what if it is hard being a woman in the United States. The popular culture wants us to be too skinny, too sexual, too needy and way too submissive. But I like a challenge and I will be whatever I damn well please! American culture be damned. Now that might just be the woman in me talking but I like it. And I wouldn't change it for anything. Let's stop being so hard on ourselves because I am sure there are enough men in the world to do that for us.

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Its not just American culture it is the whole western culture. It is mens way of controlling women basically. Trying to keep up with what the Hollywood gays want for us is sickening.

I see your point, I did not feel the need to address what I felt was obvious. Physically women and men are different etc. etc. I agree. But that was not my point. My point is that people make mistakes and so calling a woman stupid and then implying that her stupidity is somehow innate in her nature because she is a woman is wrong. People make mistakes. And I feel like you just repeated alot of the points I just made but in your own words. Which is necessary I guess in a forum like this. Thanks for your comment.

You make some valid points vdj0010. You also, perhaps in your frustration, make some points that are somewhat stereotypical. Women are different from men. On average, most men have more upper body strength than men. On average, most women have better fine-motor dexterity. Men tend to be more aggressive while women tend to not be as aggressive as most men. We can make similar observations about other sub-categories of Humanity. There are attributes that tend to define us as members of these sub-groups. <br />
<br />
Yet, a more salient fact is that we are all unique individuals and there is often more agreement in values between individuals divided by group boundaries than between fellow group members. Further, within groups there is great variability; there is a spectrum of behavior in all groups, thus there are some women who are more aggressive and even stronger than some men.<br />
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We are all too hard on one another and often the people most hardest on others are the people with nothing to loose, few resources and dependent upon others for sustenance. Gov. Palin has the right to do as she feels is in her best interests. What she does has no bearing on the intellectual capacity of other women or anyone else. People are people. We all need the freedom to be ourselves and to reach our fullest human potential. Calling ourselves or one another stupid is a hindrance not a help my love. Believe in yourself, believe in those around you and reach for the stars. As you think is as it shall be.